Monday, 18 July 2011

Lack-of-service-BT continues ...

So, about 3 weeks ago someone from BT calls me and offers to put me through to their disputes team. Being in the middle of the day on a Friday while I'm in the lab, I couldn't take the call, so I was told to call back and ask for disputes. Today, after about 3 weeks it was the first time I was home during the day so that I could make the call. As usual I had to venture through an endless maze of menu options before someone answered the phone. Between being put on hold and arguing the fact that I actually want to talk to disputes and not pay extra to get out of a contract that was mis-sold to me, I was cut off after 19 minutes and 55 seconds. Then the first amazing thing happened. I was called back within seconds and offered an apology for being cut off. I was then transfered to someone whom I believe must be in disputes. I had to explain the whole static IP address again and was then transferred to someone to me that they just have to tell me that they are going to investigate the issue and have to inform me that they will be retrieving and listening to the original calls. Amazing! This is what I've been wanting from the beginning. So, hopefully in the next 5 working days I'll hear from them and get this resolved.

Friday, 10 June 2011


It is probably not news to anybody that BT is totally incapable of providing decent support for their own services. Or even that they use illegal means such as lying and/or misselling to catch you as a customer.

However, like an idiot, I managed to get myself caught by them once again. Probably because of a naive believe that people can't be that bad all the time.

In January this year BT called me about switching to them for broadband. I used to be with Zen, who are very good, but they don't provide support after hours and over weekends which are the only times I have to resolve any issues. So when the BT guy called and confirmed SEVERAL TIMES that he can indeed provide me with 20MB broadband, 40Gb download, some other things AND A STATIC IP address, I decided to change.

Well, it is now June and my IP address has changed 4 times. When it changed the first time, in February, I submitted a complaint via the BT website. After a few days I received the normal confirmation with an incident number. To this day, I have not had a response. When it changed for the second time, I called (like an idiot) and merely was passed from one poor sod in India to another to get nothing resolved. This week, the IP changed again on 08.06.2011. Before I could even complain, it changed again today (10.06.2011). So I spent another hour being transferred between India and England and back to India just to be promised about an hour an a half (that, Mr BT translates to 90 minutes) ago that someone from customer services will call me back in 20 minutes. I have also submitted another online complaint and this time actually received an automated confirmation within a few minutes.

So, dear reader, if you have any idea who one is suppose to call to get BT issues resolved, please leave a comment. Or, just to show that you have read this, please leave a comment. I would like for as many people as possible to read this and not be caught in BT's dishonesty/incompetence. Tell your friends to read this and leave a comment. Maybe eventually some BT person with enough savvy, knowledge, influence and will to live, will read it, contact me and resolve the issue.