Sunday, 29 September 2013

Motorcyclist having to cope with ignorant idiots on the road.

A message to the bloke in the big black Seat that had a blonde lady next to him in the passenger seat and was driving past St James' Park at about 16.30 on Saturday 28 September 2013.

The reason you wouldn't let me into the traffic stream is not, as you so gracefully tried to sign to me, because I am a wanker. It is because you are a very rude, immature, ignorant and dumb old fart.

Rude, because if you had any sense of decency you would not have tried to push me out of the lane by driving up my left. Considering the traffic at that time, it would have been kind to let me in even if I was, which I wasn't by the way, in the wrong.

You see this is why you are ignorant because if you knew anything, you would have known that motorcycles are allowed to filter up the right of traffic and then merge in again. Mostly, the reason it becomes difficult to merge into traffic, is because immature people like you, apparently, are afraid that some body part is going to shrink or fall off if you let a motorcyclist get in front of you. I can assure you this is not the case. You can ask your doctor if you don't believe me. 

You must be dumb or else you would have done something by now to improve you knowledge of driving skills and traffic. You seemed to be about my age, give or take 5 years which means you have had more than enough time to do this.

Lastly you are an old fart just because of all of the above and "old fart" pretty much sums up the whole lot.